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Focused on Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

We are a highly focused oil exploration company with deep expertise. With a clear vision that saw the opportunity, we were one of the first to enter the deepwater Gulf of Mexico after the two-year moratorium in the wake of the Macondo incident. And, as a non-operating oil and gas investing company, we see the industry’s portfolio as our portfolio, and we have the luxury of being selective.

A Nimble Non-Operating Partner

Focused on the prolific deepwater subsalt play in the Gulf of Mexico, we choose projects that require miles of drilling, in search of billions of barrels, beneath layers of salt. At Venari, however, we have no layers of cumbersome bureaucracy. Working nimbly together, we make better, quicker decisions. So we make investment decisions in days, not months or years. When an opportunity arises, we are able to come to the table first, and we quickly become the non-operating partner of choice for drill-ready deepwater Gulf of Mexico exploration projects.

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