A Focused Strategy

The Science & Art of Venturing & Partnering

Venari’s growth strategy is to capture drill-ready prospects by working hand-in-hand with recognized industry players operating in the Gulf of Mexico’s subsalt play. As an oil non-operating partner, we take a minority working interest in multiple near-term opportunities that have large reserve potential and attractive risk-reward profiles. We see the industry’s inventory as our opportunity. Venari maximizes the probability of success while prudently managing capital. The result: increased profitability and early cash flow.

Oil & Gas Joint Venture Projects

We also seek broader joint venture partner oil projects and will participate in lease sales and develop prospects organically over the long term.

Bolstering Energy Security

Venari believes the Gulf of Mexico is essential to strengthening energy security in North America and reducing dependence on foreign oil. With its substantial hydrocarbon resources, the Gulf of Mexico has unmatched long-term viability and is a critical component of the U.S. oil supply, both today and in the future.

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