Exploration Expertise

Focused on Finding Oil in the Gulf of Mexico

Venari’s exploration activities are focused exclusively on high potential oil-prone subsalt plays in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. We bring deep commitment and technical expertise to pursuing our Gulf salt play exploration program.

The Wealth of Opportunity in the Gulf of Mexico

Venari believes the Gulf of Mexico is a premier basin where significant world-class oil and gas reserves are yet to be found by enterprising exploration and production companies. This proven venue offers:

  • A large inventory of high-quality prospects
  • Extensive commercial deal flow
  • Competitive entry costs
  • High netback barrels
  • Growing rig capacity
  • A robust energy market
  • Existing infrastructure
  • A safe operating environment
  • A stable regulatory and fiscal regime

Targeting the Subsalt Play

Venari believes billions of barrels of resources are yet to be found in the Gulf of Mexico’s deepwater subsalt play. Prospects there were once difficult to determine using 3D seismic data, but advances in imaging technology and operators’ favorable drilling results have prompted a renewed, strong interest in the region.

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