Right Partner, Right Prospects, Right Now

The foundation of Venari’s business plan is growth, and we have the right people and the right tools to execute our plan. Our solid industry alliances help us access deepwater joint oil ventures and do our job more effectively and efficiently. A streamlined, nimble decision maker, Venari moves quickly to realize value and is committed to making meaningful technical and financial contributions to every oil investing project. When an opportunity arises, we are able to come to the table first, and we quickly become the partner of choice for drill-ready Gulf of Mexico exploration projects.

A Powerful Non-Operating Partner

Currently, we partner with producers in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico by farming in to their projects as a non-operator with small working interests. When we explore for oil, we are less frontier oriented and more focused on selective, defined areas, so we can accelerate our drilling inventory, keep costs low and compress our projects’ cycle times. This allows us to minimize our operational risk while using our capital most economically. As our company develops, we will focus on organic growth, jointly participating in lease sales with established Gulf of Mexico players. As a result, we most likely will take larger working interests in these blocks but remain a non-operator.

A Creative & Disciplined Team

Our geologists and geophysicists are inventive and unconventional and relish stepping outside the box for one-of-a-kind ideas. Their complementary skillsets routinely result in drillbit success. We are creative and disciplined, opportunistic and intense, mitigating risk through exceptional expertise and execution. We’ve acquired proprietary state-of-the-art regional 3D seismic datasets over our focus areas. Our team expertly uses leading-edge seismic attribute and interpretation software to reprocess this data and then conducts size and risk analyses to complete prospect evaluations.

Commitment to Safety

Venari only commits to projects where the operating team makes safety, the environment and the well-being of all parties involved top priorities. We have access to all industry response systems, including Marine Well Containment Company and Helix Well Containment Group. And we carry more than $1 billion of insurance for each well in which we have a working interest.

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