Technology & Data

Tapping into Breakthrough 3D Seismic Technology

Recent extraordinary technological advances in 3D seismic acquisition have taken the quality of subsalt play images in the Gulf of Mexico to new heights. Venari has capitalized on these breakthroughs by investing in cutting-edge regional 3D Wide Azimuth (WAZ) seismic databases covering significant areas of the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, which are processed using state-of-the-art algorithms.

Elite Geoscientists

We are an oil exploration company built to be an elite team. Our visionary geoscience team utilizes a multi-disciplined approach to develop geologic models. We have an in-depth knowledge of deepwater depositional systems and their associated processes and facies characteristics. In addition, our experts use comprehensive well data and worldwide deepwater analogs, allowing for detailed validation of geologic models. Application of our advanced geophysical methodologies, used in conjunction with multiple iterations between geologic and geophysical models, helps reduce risk and increase opportunities for discovery and growth.

Geophysical Action Plan

Venari’s geophysical action plan includes our proprietary in-house techniques for:

  • Depth imaging
  • Illumination studies
  • Proprietary data conditioning
  • Inversion and attribute generation

These proprietary techniques are incorporated into the quantitative interpretation of every offshore oil exploration prospect we evaluate.

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